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A few days ago me and fellow organic Mom, Star, took all 13 of our children and our husbands out to New Plymouth, ID for a farm tour.  The gal who gave us the grand tour is my friend Mattie, she is a super patient soul...... which comes in handy when you are dealing with 13 kids, and 4 city folk!

We got to do all sorts of stuff, we had never done.  She had us come out at evening chore time, and to be honest I'm not sure we were any help at all, but she taught us a ton.  The children all got a chance to milk goats and feed the sheep and the goats, some of them even got to go into the chicken coop and gather eggs.  All the children had a BLAST, and besides the heat, so did the parents. We are looking forward to more field trips together and will share all of our ideas as we come up with them.

There are so many things that you can do while home schooling for a 'field trip', that are totally free!  We are blessed to know several farmers, and most farmers, in my experience are super nice and would be happy to give your family a tour and maybe even let you help with chores :) .

I really want my children to learn about living more self sufficient, and we are currently praying that YHVH well provide us with a place of our own where we can homestead.  All we really need is a few acres and a small house.  I figure with that we can work towards being as "off the grid" as possible. 

We butchered our first lamb this year and are really looking forward to learning more about raising our own food, as well as growing our own produce.  Ahhhh I so look forward having several fruit trees that we can eat from.

One of the most awesome things we saw at the farm was Mattie's garden!  She has 3 different kinds of grape vines, it was super impressive, and her rows of peppers threw me straight into covet mode... LOL

 Some of the future trips we will be taking should also be free.  More to come........

If you have any field trip ideas, please post them in the comment section.... we need all the help we can get ;)

9/5/2010 08:36:18

Are you up for picking peaches soon?? I got some info if you're up for it OR will y'all buy already picked & boxed peaches ?

9/5/2010 08:43:10

I just sent you an email about this Free Admission to the Boise Discovery Center until November:

Let's talk soon:-)


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