I am completely in awe with people who believe in evolution. I have never been able to understand how anyone can look around this planet and not see creation. How can you look at the trees and the oceans and the animals and not see that there was a creator involved? The fact that we as humans breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, and that plants and trees breath in that carbon dioxide and in turn breath out oxygen, should be enough to convince you that there is no way that that symbiotic relationship just happened one day! The fact that if even one thing was out of place, one little molecule that basically the whole planet could not exist, does that not make evolutionists stop and think for a moment?

I would like to take a minute and talk about my baby, Sophie. Isn’t it amazing that there are two sexes of humans, that my husband and I came together and that we exchanged parts of ourselves, his part being nothing like mine, and that those two parts came together and made a baby, she isn’t a carbon copy of either of us, but has parts of both of us. Isn’t it amazing that my body knew just how to carry her and nurture her, and that I gave her nutrients through her placenta and umbilical cord, and in turn my body took care of her waist through the same system. Then when she was good and cooked my body knew just how to get her out, parts of me worked and stretched to accommodate her and give her safe passage into this world. But that was all by happenstance huh, there was no design involved, just chance right?

Now that she is here, I am still giving her nutrients, only now it is through a different part of my body, my breasts. Isn’t it funny how my body makes the perfect food for her and that she needs nothing but that food for well over the first year of her life. How interesting is it that my body knows how to convert my food and fat into this perfect food for her, but that is all coincidence right, there is no way that there is some Higher Power at work here, right?

The cold hard truth of the matter is that people who believe in evolution are in a cult religion! Sounds’ funny considering that is what they are always saying about people who believe in God, and believe that He created this world and all that is in it. They will never admit it, but the truth is a cold reality, how can it not be called a religion when they believe in something that cannot be proven, they are in a faith based relationship with something that has no basis in truth. Is that not the very same definition they themselves give to those who believe in God? Carbon dating is a hoax, and circular logic, and basing your belief system on something that it’s self is a flaw is somewhat silly I say.

The fact that there is a book with eyewitness account of history, the fact that almost every primitive people tell the same account with their different forms of communication tells me that there has to be some truth and reality in those accounts. Did you know that there is archeological proof of the stories in the Bible? Well there is. The day that I saw Pharaoh's corral incrusted chariots laying on the land bridge where God parted the Red Sea with my own eyes, was the day that I stopped questioning the Bible and its accounts. Because to use the very same circular logic that evolutionist use, if most of the accounts of the Bible can be corroborated, which they have, than I myself choose to believe the whole of the Bible. And until I see the half dog half frog, or the actual middle man ape, then I choose to believe what I can see touch taste and smell, that is Torah and Yahuwha (God) He has yet to let me down, and I know that he never will.

A few more question’s for evolutionists, what if you’re wrong? What if there is a God and he did create everything you see around you, what do you think is going to happen when you come face to face with Him on judgment day, what do you think He is going to say? What will you have to say for yourself?
Eriq Benel

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