If you have a large family like I do than you need to make large batches of stuff at once just to keep them all happy. This is my recipe for the perfect Iced Sweet Tea...

What you will need is a 1 gallon glass container, Lipton Green Tea, Luzianne Black Tea, white Stevia powder, and lemons.....

Boil up a quart of water

Pour boiling water into your glass jar (make sure the jar is not cold or it will crack)


1 (family sized) or 2 (regular sized) Luzianne tea bags

5 regular Lipton Green Tea bags (I like to use 1 mixed berry green tea in place of 1 of the green tea bags, I like my tea a bit fruity)

I usually tie all the bags together, be sure to remove the paper at the ends.

Put the lid on your jar and let it sit on the counter for a few hours.

Remove bags and ring them out into the jar (then put the bags into your composter)


2 1/2 teaspoons of white Stevia Powder

3 lemons juiced

Then fill the jar all the way up to the top, and enjoy!!

You can forgo the boil step and just add the tea bags to your jar full of water and put the jar into the sun, leave all day and then add the Stevia and Lemon. Yum!!!

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